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Last week, we discussed the different forms of streaming services for people looking to cut traditional cable and switch to a more efficient Live TV provider. What was not covered in that article was the also popular On-Demand streaming services available. On-Demand services cater more toward people interested in less Live TV and more binge-watching. There are four major On-Demand streaming services worth noting.


Netflix 9/18


With prices ranging from $8 to $12 after a one-month free trial, Netflix provides thousands upon thousands of hours of content with no ads in sight. Netflix has got you covered whether you want to watch TV shows, movies or maybe even some original programming. The service is also easy to use, well organized in terms of categorization and even allows you to download content to watch offline. However, Netflix isn’t 100% perfect like Twitter might have you think. For one, the library isn’t updated as well as other services are. If you are the type who needs constant new content and frequent updates, Netflix may not be up your alley. Therefore, before you decide to jump on the whole “Netflix and chill” ideology you’ll want to keep reading to see if there’s something else that works better for you.


Hulu 9/18


Starting as low as $5.99 and equipped with an impressive library of content, Hulu gives you the option of watching ongoing TV shows almost as soon as they’ve come off the air. The biggest selling point for college students is the student bundle. In the bundle, Hulu provides itself, Spotify and Showtime all for just $4.99 a month. Not to mention, Hulu with Live TV could be a great upgrade when you get used to the service on its own. Hulu, however, doesn’t provide the most expansive library when it comes to movies. Also, you will have to sit through ads unless you’re willing to pay some extra money to not see them. If you like commercials and don’t watch that many movies, Hulu and you should get along just fine.


Amazon 9/18

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video, or just Prime Video, is another fine service. Prime Video is trickier to access than the other streaming services listed. Prime Video comes by itself at $8.99 a month or in a package deal with all of Amazon Prime that includes shipping benefits, their own music streaming service, a free Twitch subscription and plenty more for $12.99 a month. Depending on how much you shop, this could be either a pro or a con for you. Once you get to the video service itself you’ll find another well-functioning product. Plenty of quality original content to binge on and a somewhat expansive library to dig into. The downsides here are lower-quality videos compared to Netflix or Hulu and that you can’t watch on more than two devices at a time.


HBO Go 9/18


Game of Thrones may be over, but HBO Go is much more than one series. HBO Go is free on its own, but you'll need an HBO subscription ($14.99 a month) in order to use it. HBO Go provides plenty of movies to watch and maybe the most celebrated catalog of any service there is. Not to mention, if you live on campus you can get HBO Go for free. Where HBO Go suffers in relation to other services is the small library it provides. You'll get less content, but the content will actually be higher rated. If you would rather binge-watch critically acclaimed content instead of taking your chances with a larger library, this is the service for you.


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