Katy Perry Assault 8/27

On Aug. 13, Josh Kloss, a co-star in Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” accused Perry of “sexual misconduct” during a birthday party following the release of the music video in 2010. 

Perry allegedly exposed Kloss at the party in front of a crowd of people. The incident followed Perry’s divorce with Russell Brand. 

The incident is not the first accusation of misconduct against Perry. During Perry’s tenure as a judge on “American Idol,” Perry kissed a contestant without his consent. The contestant reportedly wanted to wait until being in a committed relationship before kissing someone. 

The #MeToo movement thus far has mainly consisted of women accusing men of various types of sexual misconduct. Most of the time these women felt they were not in a position of power to confront their supervisor, coworker or friend for fear of losing their job. Because of the strength of the movement, many individuals now feel they can come into the public eye against the accused individual. 

The accusation of Perry from Kloss is different from the majority of #MeToo accusations simply because Kloss is a man. Kloss has expressed because he is a man, he is not getting the same attention as if he would if he was a woman. If the #MeToo movement is able to stop a man’s career, Kloss believe the opposite should be true of women. 

“Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt?” Kloss said

Perry has not commented on the accusation. However, some of Perry’s friends and supporters have said that Kloss’ accusation is a ploy for gaining publicity. 

Male survivors are often reluctant to come out against their abuser because of the movement’s focus on female survivors. These men are often supportive of their female counterparts but feel left out of the movement’s central message. 

Organizations like MaleSurvivor combat the stigma against male survivors by providing resources in empowering men. 

MaleSurvivor’s mission statement says, “Every man who has experienced sexual assault or abuse deserves access to a judgement-free space where he can heal on his own terms and without shame.” 

Could the accusation change the course of the #MeToo movement? Is it possible that more men will come out with stories of sexual misconduct? Only time will tell. 

Whether Kloss’ statement against Perry holds up, organizations like MaleSurvivor plan to fight social stigmas against male survivors. 

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