Bowling Green may be a small midwestern town, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with the variety of entertainment around.

Here are some spots in and around Bowling Green to check out if you’re looking for something interesting to do:

Woodland Mall Cinema

With tickets costing around $5-$7, the fun of watching a movie on the big screen comes at a reasonable price.

It is located off of N. Main Street, tucked in a corner behind the mall. It may be somewhat confusing to find the first time, but once you see one movie there, you’ll want to go back for every new release.

I’ve personally been there many times to see a wide variety of movies and compared to other theaters in neighboring towns, the Woodland Mall Cinema is hard to beat.

Black Swamp Curling Center

Black Swamp Curling Center is located on N. Dixie Highway.

Curling is a unique sport that involves pushing a large puck-like stone across ice onto a target with varying point values. Other team members use brooms to brush the ice in front of the stone to decrease friction.

The Black Swamp Curling Center offers its own leagues for curlers to participate in. It has starter leagues for people new to the sport and regular leagues for the more experienced. It also hosts bonspiels, which are curling tournaments.

For those wanting to get into the sport, the center has frequent Learn-to-Curl sessions, as well as an open invite to spectate almost every event.


Downtown Bowling Green

There’s nothing quite like the downtown of a small town, and Bowling Green is one with gems on every corner.

Besides its picturesque aesthetic and compactness, downtown Bowling Green has lots of hole-in-the-wall restaurants and fascinating shops to lose yourself in.

Some of my personal favorites are Finders Records & Tapes, a required stop for any and all music lovers; Ben’s Crafts, or more affectionately known as Ben Franklin’s, a fun store with tasty fudge and all sorts of knickknacks; and Call of the Canyon Cafe, a homey restaurant with food that tastes just like those home-cooked meals us college students struggle to make.

Just walking around the buildings will be enough for some, as almost every door has something new to experience behind it.


Al-Mar Lanes

Al-Mar Lanes located on N. Main Street is perfect for a night out.

A night out bowling with some friends is a guarantee for fun and laughter.

It has open bowling as well as Cosmic Bowling, which bathes the building in glow-in-the-dark excitement and makes for a memorable night of strikes and gutter balls.

For those who want to satisfy their competitive edge, Al-Mar also has themed leagues and tournaments to participate in, with cash, merchandise and other prizes.

One standard game costs $4.99, while renting a lane for one hour costs $24.99.



 Wintergarden on S. Wintergarden Road is a great place in Bowling Green to go on a hike.

Walking through nature trails is a chance to experience wildlife and beautiful forestry on an intimate level. Wintergarden offers exactly that on a vast scale.

With many miles of trails to meander along, it is easy to hike with the clean, refreshing air and jaw-dropping scenery that surrounds you. It also hosts educational classes on the ecosystem, plant and animal life, conservation and many other topics. The Rotary Nature Center has information on the fascinating history of Wintergarden as well.

If you have a penchant for the outdoors or at least a desire to be active, Wintergarden has over 19 acres to explore.

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