Bad Boys For Life

Bad Boys For Life

With the new year has come plenty of new movie releases. However, not all of them can claim to be a success from a business standpoint. In this particular listicle, success is measured by revenue versus the motion picture’s budget, as well as the reception compiled on Rotten Tomatoes. While box office revenue can only weigh importance in the business dynamic of the entertainment industry, it can also determine notable movies that an audience may choose to watch.


‘Bad Boys For Life’

Theatrical release: January 17

The hype for this movie definitely shows in its numbers. Its $90 million budget has taken a profit of over $330 million dollars. The movie has a skyrocketing 99% audience score and 77% critical score according to Rotten Tomatoes. The film has gained publicity mostly because it is a continuing picture for the “Bad Boys” trilogy. This plays a considerable factor into the profit of the movie, making it a hit for January. It’s arguably the most profitable movie to come out of the month.

‘Gretel and Hansel’

Theatrical release: January 31

This picture did relatively well with the critics. It received a 61% on Rotten Tomatoes, yet the audience gave it a 22%. Each score holds divisive ratings, as the critics’ reviews make it a hit, but the audiences’ score leaves it a flop. Furthermore, the budget for the movie is documented anywhere from $5 to $10 million. Currently, it has made over $10 million worldwide, which makes the movie turn out as a profit. Altogether, this dark fairytale movie has become a financial success in the eyes of producers.


‘The Grudge’

Theatrical release: January 3

This remake of a remake had financial success upon its immediate release. Box Office Mojo reported an $11 million opening weekend, with a production budget of $10 million. As revenue spiked further up, “The Grudge” almost quadrupled in profit. As the picture has increased in revenue, Rotten Tomatoes scoring has put it at a 20% from critics with a 23% in audience ratings. These ratings are nearly identical, yet the financial success of the film continues to go against the reviews. However, an important aspect to the film’s success is the international revenue, as the film almost matches domestic gross, which is unusual for most movies. The reason this movie did well overseas could be credited to the original film being from Japan. “The Grudge” may continue to make a profit, but this is mostly from international revenue and a low budget.


Theatrical release: January 17

Following the release of “Dolittle,” the movie received poor reviews from critics.Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 16% in critic’s reviews, but audience scoring put it at 76%. The target audience — children — loved it, but film enthusiasts do not find it as thrilling. Overall, the most notable attraction for the film is likely Robert Downey Jr.’s performance. This wasn’t enough to keep sour reviews from the picture, which is approaching three weeks in the theaters.According to Box Office Mojo, the movie has made $56 million in box office revenue, but it has not passed its overall budget of $175 million.

‘The Turning’

Theatrical release: January 24

The initial responses from critics for “The Turning” on Rotten Tomatoes scored it at 13% — one of the lowest ratings in 2020 so far. The critics rating made it a complete flop, but audiences enjoyed it a little more at 14%. This movie’s a flop based on ratings, but based on the budget, the producers may not lose their funds. The film is running near the end of its course in the cinemas, but has already made over $16 million, thousands over its budget, according to Box Office Mojo. This may be an unentertaining movie based on audiences, but financially, it definitely isn’t a flop like “Dolittle.”

While not all January movies made a profit, reviews caused a major impact to driving viewers into theaters. Some of these films made well beyond their budget, but scores contrasted the financial success of the movie. The film industry is a business, but it’s critical to gain the approval of the audience, because they hold the rank of telling others about a movie, which can drive viewers to see it.

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