Julia Michaels has been one of my favorite singers since my sister and best friend introduced me to her earlier this year. The vulnerability she has in each of her songs, especially her two newest albums, inspires me not just to be vulnerable in my own writing, but also in my life.

On Nov. 2, I had the opportunity to see her perform at Newport Music Hall in Columbus with my sister and mom. Though I was nervous that her vulnerability and the sweetness of her voice would be lost in a concert venue, my anxieties were instantly relieved the second she took the stage.

Not only did her vulnerability and the sweetness of her voice transfer to the stage, but her fun, bubbly personality had the whole music hall dancing and singing with her. Everyone around me was screaming every word to every song she performed, showing just how much Michaels’s music has impacted everyone.

Plus, Michaels took the time for smaller interactions with specific audience members. She has a talent for picking specific people out in the audience and having small, inaudible conversations with them or winking, waving or very small, but meaningful interactions with them. One specific moment that stuck out to me was a girl in the upper balcony was celebrating her birthday – all of her friends were screaming that it was her birthday – and Michaels, during a break in her song, looked up to the girl and mouthed happy birthday.

But not only does she have small interactions with singular audience members, but she did big, full audience actions, like most singers do, but for me, they were more powerful. During her songs “Apple” and “Falling for Boys,” Michaels came out onto the main floor where the audience stood, getting her closer to some of the audience members and giving them a better view. For me, this meant she stood literally two feet away from my sister and I. We even made it onto her Instagram post of her Columbus performance because of our close proximity to her.

Moreover, her performances of “Happy,” “Falling for Boys,” “Anxiety” and “Into You” all had me deep in my feels, especially “Anxiety” where I started bawling and my sister and I were screaming the words at the top of our lungs.

Though I have been a huge fan of Julia Michaels since hearing her music, this concert deepened my love for her and her music even more. Not only did the concert give me a chance to see my sister for the first time since August, but it also gave me a space to thoroughly immerse myself in something wonderful and forget about the outside world for a few hours.

Plus, her performance gave me a space to dance. And sing. And scream. And cry. And just express myself along with an entire audience. The emotions throughout the night were incredible and I have craved to go back to the concert venue since I left.

To listen to Julia Michaels’s music and love her as much as I do, it can be streamed on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Play Music, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.


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