Star Wars 4/24

As I sat in my room watching the Star Wars celebration live stream that finally officially revealed “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” there was only one thought going through my head: this is sad. It’s sad that the game we have been wanting for years has taken this long to finally happen.

Star Wars is one of the most popular brands in the entire world. Think about that for a little bit. One of the most popular franchises was given to one of the biggest video game developers in the world, and what have they done with it? Well I’ll tell you. The only thing they’ve done is spit in the face of every fan of the Star Wars brand.

When I heard the announcer heralding the fact that there will, finally, be a story-based Star Wars game that also doesn’t include microtransactions, he said it like it was something that should be commended, like the game deserved all the praise in the world for that fact alone.

The audience was quick to clap after each of these comments as well, making sure everyone could hear their joy that Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment are finally developing the game we want.

However, by doing this, it’s letting EA win. We are praising them for something that should have happened anyway.

After the “Star Wars: Battlefront II” microtransaction fiasco, EA finally decided they needed to throw people a bone, but that doesn’t mean we should all go chasing after it just yet.

I’m tired of people saying they’re happy to finally be getting a story-based Star Wars game and then forgetting all the crap EA has pushed onto the Star Wars fan base.

They have only made two games in the over five years they have had the license, and what have they done? They made one incomplete game and another that was basically a magnet for the player’s money. That shows we shouldn’t have any faith in what they are saying right now anyway, even if everyone is touting the story and lack of microtransactions.

EA shouldn’t be commended for making a game that isn’t gouging the players’ money from their pockets, that’s the bare minimum they should be doing.

This is the game they should have been making in the first place. By making this game now, they know they have screwed up all hope from the fans, and they needed to go back to square one in terms of games that could get fans to the storefront.

EA finally went back to the drawing board, and thanks to Respawn Entertainment, we’ll be getting a story-based Star Wars game. But after about six years with the Star Wars license, I shouldn't have had to wait this long to type those words. The Star Wars celebration was only proof of that.

The only thing I could hear at the Star Wars celebration live stream wasn’t clapping for “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order,” but applause for Electronic Arts, and that’s just sad.


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