Celebrities tend to strut new outfits or dresses that push the boundaries of fashion. Many of these uniforms can have positive responses throughout their fanbases, while others’ fashion statements get backlash. Here is a list of celebrities who receive criticism over their red carpet and performance outfits.


Kendall Jenner - Coachella 2019 

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As someone who walks on the runway or models for photoshoots, Kendall definitely can pull off the appeal of an outfit that clashes in several directions. Her dress is complementary with the chic Coachella pink background and actually reveals a unique color palette. However, the long-patterned gloves make the outfit overwhelming. Even with all the colors that are arguably very unique and gorgeous in their simplicity, the gray purse tones down the excitement of the outfit. Altogether, this bright outfit has some accessories that are seen as wildly outrageous.


Solange Knowles - Met Gala 2015

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Solange Knowles is the younger sister of Beyoncé, but now many people know her for this Met Gala outfit. Honestly, the formation of this dress shows an intriguing form of craftsmanship. As the dress itself may not flatter Knowles, there is a sign of admiration in her ability to wear this dress. Many comments were made to Knowles on the vibrancy of the outfit. Most of the additional comments were regarding her lack of visible body in the dress. Her arms and figure are blatantly hidden and further shows the extensive craziness within the outfit. Final comments were made on her shoes; as the dress is very bold, the shoes were a basic black heel that opposed the dress. Knowles will probably play it safe from now and wear a simpler dress.


Lil Wayne - College Football Playoff Halftime Show 2019

Red carpet (5) 11/19

Lil Wayne became an internet meme for wearing this outfit, otherwise known as the Hamburglar outfit. To add context, Hamburglar was a character portrayed in McDonald’s commercials, who dressed similarly. The performance by Wayne was overlooked, as his outfit spoke louder than his words. The jacket was a bold statement of abstract colors and patterns, but the striped scarf does not visually please the eye. Furthermore, the red pants and light-green shirt with high boots makes the visual appearance seem even more difficult to look at. Even though this outfit got criticized, it became a famous icon. So maybe this outrageous outfit was all a part of Wayne’s plan to attract the spotlight.


Cardi B - Met Gala 2019

red carpet (1) 11/19

Cardi B didn’t walk the red carpet, she wore the red carpet. This extravagant dress

is beautifully crafted with 20,000 bird feathers. It is definitely eccentric and not terrible, but it

is unpleasing because too much is happening in one dress. The lines flow in several

directions, the dress is long and wide creating a distraction from Cardi’s face, and also shows that too much elegance is an issue. To be fair, Cardi B’s stylist must have spent hours working on this masterpiece and it was the talk of the town.

Gwendoline Christie - Emmys 2019

Red carpet (3) 11/19

This risky look was met with uncertainty from fans. Some commended Christie for

the bold look, while others compared her to a religious figure. This dress has detailed-

orientated features that make Christie stand out; however the textures and colors made fans

disagree. In a way, this dress was a great fit for Christie as she is very tall, but overall, the dress was not ideal. Still, many fans find her as a magnificent monarch in her red carpet outfit.

Many of these celebrities have walked several red carpets and tend to wear bold fashion designs, which makes them stand out in their own right. However, some of these designs cannot be pulled off by anyone. Every person, like these celebrities, has characteristics that are expressive in their style. Overall, these outfits sparked publicity in the media, even if they were noted for the terrible style.

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