With more than 17,000 hits, the "Stroh Center Rap" is a way to immortalize the Stroh Center and recognize the contributors.

The rap features sophomore Mikey "Rosco" Blair and senior gospel singer Rachel Willingham.

"I was excited, because I love this school," Blair said. "I am so blessed that I was chosen to do this. I take any opportunity I can to help the University."

The University had a specific goal when producing this video.

"We wanted to create something memorable for the Stroh Center," said Dave Kielmeyer, University spokesperson.

In August, the University contracted Madhouse Creative to make a video commemorating the new facility. They needed on-screen talents, so Student Affairs generated a list of six potential stars, Kielmeyer said.

Blair submitted a tape, and he was selected as the rapper.

Willingham was discovered in the Bowling Green gospel choir. She is now a senior at the University.

"I thought it would just be for fun," Willingham said. "But I didn't realize it would be this big of a deal."

The video was hard work, but they also had a lot of fun, Blair said.

"We talked about the buildings, and I couldn't pronounce Schmidthorst [Pavilion]," Blair said. "It took me 50 tries before I got it right. It became a huge joke with everyone."

The University is also laughing, in a positive way, about the music video's success.

"You never know with videos like this," Kielmeyer said. "Anytime you do something different, it's risky. You never know how people are going to react."

The video features people who funded the Stroh, something Kielmeyer was apprehensive about.

"We wanted to recognize the donors," Kielmeyer said. "I have to admit, I held my breath when they watched it for the first time. Thankfully, they liked it a lot. We were lucky they were so down-to-earth."

Blair found fame across the University last year with his YouTube spoof of Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow," entitled "Orange and Brown."

"I wrote ‘Orange and Brown,' but I didn't write ‘Stroh Center Rap,'" Blair said. "Rob Seiffert from [Madhouse] did. So I was honored to get to combine our talents together and make something cool."

Blair is majoring in telecommunications but after finding YouTube success, he plans to pursue rapping, he said.

"At first, it was just for fun," Blair said. "But now, I'm producing a mixtape and taking it seriously. I'm going to send out my tape and get it all over Facebook and Twitter."

As for Willingham, she isn't interested in singing. But she does want to be a star.

"I want to be a supermodel on MTV," Willingham said. "But not like Kim Kardashian, being famous for nothing. I want to be out there working with people and in the public spotlight."

The University is the ideal place to live your dreams, Blair said.

"BGSU is my support system," Blair said. "When I do something, I give it my all. And BGSU is perfect for that. It's the perfect step to where I'm headed."

Willingham agrees. Getting involved at the University helped her get the job in the video, Willingham said.

"I like to do a lot and stay involved with people," Willingham said. "That's how they found me-with the gospel choir."

Although Blair's fame is spreading beyond his roots, Blair said family keeps him grounded.

"My godmother, mother and two sisters inspire me," Blair said. "They're my four girls. I want to support them. They're why I do what I do."

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