College can make you feel unorganized or overly stressed by the cluster of assignments. This list includes free applications that will make your life at college slightly easier. The following apps will organize your schedule, assignments, to-do lists and study plans.

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Pocket Schedule Planner 

Pocket Schedule Planner is a neat app that provides a calendar or weekly views of assignments. By adding in your classes, you can keep track of all the assignments from past to future and divide them into higher or lower priority sections. You can also add in everyday tasks, projects or goals to track and manage. Furthermore, the app will even keep track of holidays to remind you that class is cancelled. It’s the perfect all-in-one app for time management, assignment organization and reminders for general tasks. 

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Are you planning on studying abroad or have an upcoming foreign language test? Duolingo provides numerous languages that you can learn from daily. It curates levels of difficulty to keep you on your toes when learning a new language. Even if you are just interested in learning a new language, this app is free and easily accessible to use. On the app, quizzes and flashcards are provided regularly to help you improve your grammar skills. There are over 90 languages to master, and partner apps like Tinycards allow you to take studying one step further. 

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Let’s be honest, college can get expensive, but Groupon can help you save some cash. Groupon is an app that has special coupon codes for online or local shopping purchases. If you are in need of some small shelves for your dorm, buy it through Groupon and save a trip to a local store. Also, there are special deals on local restaurants or shops that would make a perfect inexpensive day to spend with your friends. Honestly, the best way to discover new places is by using the map on Groupon to see the hottest deals for places nearby.

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In a rush to study for a quiz? The Quizlet app makes it easy to study on the go. You can share your flashcards with your peers or keep them for yourself. It is an effective way to review vocabulary in a flash. Also, the app can generate quizzes or matching games to make studying more interactive for the user. It’s the perfect on-the-go tool without the hassle of carrying flashcards. 

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