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Howard’s Club H is the venue for Snowchella 2020.

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I’m not the self-reflective type. I’ve never looked back on a year of my life and thought about my successes and failures, as I tend to wake up on Jan. 1 prepared to change absolutely nothing about myself. 

But, this year, I feel a bit different. Whether it be the leadership and responsibilities I have as the Pulse editor or the freedom of living off-campus as a junior, I have decided 2020 is the year to make a legitimate attempt at improving myself and the job I have for the benefit of myself, my peers and the people that read what I write.

So, for this year, I have decided I will cover the local music scene more. 

It’s something I told myself I would do way back when I was applying for this position. I can’t exactly pinpoint why I didn’t cover it more. It might be due to the constant stress of classes, adjusting to living off-campus or just general laziness. Or maybe I mostly stuck to reviewing movies because I have more knowledge in that area. However, I’m not writing this to make excuses for why I didn’t do something I should have; that’s not what a resolution is. I’m writing this to explain why I will cover the local music scene more and how I might go about doing it.

The reason for covering local music might be pretty obvious: it’s an integral part of the community. 

Music can bring vigor and zest to the nightlife in town; without it, listeners wouldn’t have the soundtrack to headbang, vibe out or stand and swoon to. The performing artists and behind-the-scenes organizers that bring the music to venues in and around Bowling Green work their tails off to provide entertainment to anyone who wants to listen. The DIY artists want to make a name for themselves and let as wide of an audience as possible enjoy the songs and albums they craft. As such, it’s part of my job to get the word out there.

Bands like Mango Tree and Teamonade and organizations like Diversify DIY and The Summit Shack are just a few hard-working groups that help the DIY scene thrive. I also want to help that scene thrive.

Now obviously, I can’t cover everything on my own. That’s why I’m grateful to be a part of an ambitious team of editors and reporters that incentivize me to work hard and enjoy myself while I’m doing it. The BG News staff are constantly in the newsroom preparing their sections each week and pumping out content like machines. Everyone who has written for the Pulse section of the paper has been vital in helping me manage the section and stay sane — more or less — while doing it.

Now that I know I have the capabilities, all that is left is actually doing it. I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution — or any resolution for that matter — so this is something new for me. But, I can ensure I will follow through on it.

So, readers can expect profiles of artists, coverage of events and what’s what about the people that ensure the DIY music scene runs smoothly. Snowchella 2020 is coming to Howard’s in downtown Bowling Green on Jan. 25, so look forward to coverage on that soon.

Coming into this new decade, with the power of Monster energy drinks, a set of functioning ears and an invaluable team of editors and reporters, look forward to reading about the local music scene and all it has to offer.

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