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Last week, five songs of the week took a chance to highlight five of the best ‘80s hip-hop songs. This week, that theme shall continue into the next decade. Therefore, here are five hip-hop songs from the ‘90s to get you through the week.

Naughty By Nature - ‘Hip Hop Hooray’

A fine choice to mention first, “Hip Hop Hooray” is a celebration of hip-hop during its golden age. While “O.P.P.” has become Naughty By Nature’s signature song in the ensuing years, “Hip Hop Hooray” is an essential track for any true hip-hop head to know and love. With shoutouts to other groups like A Tribe Called Quest, Cypress Hill and Leaders of the New School toward the end, the track serves as a rare love fest in a decade where rap music had beef aplenty brewing.

Souls of Mischief - ‘93 Til Infinity’

An underrated ‘90s gem, Souls of Mischief’s “93 Til Infinity” is a lo-fi masterpiece. With a beat as smooth as butter and verses just as slick, the track is a laid back banger that’s perfect for playing in your headphones and relaxing.

Digable Planets - ‘Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)’

Speaking of laid back, there may not be a more laid-back song in hip-hop history than Digable Planet’s most well-known song. With a mixture of a Jazz beat and poetic rhymes, rap never sounded so effortlessly cool. Digable Planets made it look so easy.

Black Sheep - ‘The Choice Is Yours’

Chances are if you’ve grown up in Generation Z you remember this song strictly from commercials that involve oversized hamsters driving a car. However, “The Choice Is Yours” is so much more than just a great commercial theme song. Black Sheep may not have had much success other than this track, but that shouldn’t diminish how great of a track this is. You can get with this, or you can get with that, but I recommend you get with this song because this is where it’s at.

Lords of the Underground - ‘Chief Rocka’

Another under appreciated track from a group that didn’t have much more success afterward, Lords of the Underground’s “Chief Rocka” is easily the most energetic and charismatic song on this list. With a flow similar to that of Busta Rhymes, who also became popular during this era, Lords of the Underground attack this beat with a flow so menacing and odd that you won’t forget it anytime soon.

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