Mulan 2020

The coronavirus shut down sucks. Like, really sucks. It sucks so much that not even movies were spared from COVID-19, which shut down theaters everywhere and delayed movies seemingly indefinitely. Not all hope is lost, however. A few movies have a new release date in sight. Here are five movies that were shut down by the pandemic with a new release date.


Original Release Date: March 12

New Release Date: July 24

Another Disney live-action remake, “Mulan” tells the story of a young woman pretending to be a man to take her ailing father’s place in the army. The decision to push back “Mulan” came only two weeks before it’s original release. Following the delay, the company also announced it had postponed production on all live-action movies for the near future.

‘Black Widow’

Original Release Date: May 1

New Release Date: November 6

The latest in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Black Widow” is a prequel and tells the story of how the titular character came to be. “Black Widow” was supposed to come out on May 1, but has been pushed back to November. Hopefully “Black Widow” will be worth the wait, it looks promising.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’

Original Release Date: March 24

New Release Date: August 14

The sequel to the highly successful 2017 “Wonder Woman 1984” stars Gal Gadot returning as the superheroine. Based on financial statistics, Wonder Woman is the strongest IP Warner Bros. and the DCEU has. Another March release delayed, moviegoers can see Wonder Woman return to the silver screen in August.

‘No Time to Die’

Original Release Date: April 2020

New Release Date: November 12 (UK), November 25 (US)

Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond was originally intended to be released in April. Funnily enough, “No Time to Die” was the first major movie to see a delay amongst the pandemic. It seems we’ll be seeing Daniel Craig as 007 for a little while longer until the film’s actual release in November.

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

Original Release Date: July 2020

New Release Date: March 5, 2021

After the financial failure of the 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot, Sony decided to tap into the original spirit of the franchise. Is this the Ghostbusters 3 we’ve all been waiting for? Originally set for a release in July, Sony pushed back the movie to March 5 of next year. Ghostbusters fanatics will have to wait a while to see the proton packs and CGI ghosts once again on the big screen.

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