I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, mostly because I’m not the self-reflective type. I’ve never looked back on a year of my life and thought about my successes and failures, as I tend to wake up on Jan. 1 prepared to change absolutely nothing about myself.  Read more

Various television shows have mature content, but many animated series often explore dark humor and have obscene skits. Adult shows can include TV-14 to TV-MA. Dark humor is the main reason many viewers watch these animated shows, which is explored within each dynamic of specific animated shows. Read more

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We have finally reached it: the last month of the year. It is officially the holiday season, and that means family, friends and weather too cold for streaking. It also means gifts, so here are some of the gifts that the musical Santa will be delivering to us this month.

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Last week, we went into detail on the various different reasons why World Wrestling Entertainment has been in decline over the past decade. However, not everything has to do with the most popular wrestling company, as other wrestling companies have fulfilled the wants and needs of fans. Let’…