quarantine tips 4/16

Being forced to stay home can be tiring and boring. As the quarantine seems to extend, here are some ways to stay active at home without dying of boredom. 

1. Workout, dance or move

Moving the body is a great way to release energy and stay occupied. If an intense workout is too difficult to complete, dancing or walking in place can burn calories while staying busy. If in need of workout recommendations, check out Mary Ross’ article: Ways to work out at home during COVID-19 quarantine.

2. Learn or do something you’ve been putting off

Whether it’s spring cleaning, making a blog or picking up an instrument you set out to learn that is buried in storage, now is the time to do it. Personally, I am setting out to finish editing a film I started four months ago. If you need a suggestion, try cleaning out the camera roll on your smartphone. It can be a time consuming activity that will not bore you.

3. Cook 

For the master chefs, quarantine is the perfect time to get creative with food that’s been sitting in the pantry. There are plenty of recipes on the internet ranging from healthy foods and desserts to a quick snack. A good challenge is to re-create special foods or drinks from specific restaurants. 

4. Document your personal experiences with this pandemic

In these unprecedented times, this is an opportunity to thoroughly explain your experience. This could be a story to tell your future grandchildren. While this strand of the coronavirus is new to experts and citizens, documenting the everyday experiences of this are critical in accurately presenting history to future generations. 

5. Re-evaluate your goals or make a bucket list

Life always seems to constantly throw obstacles in our way, but this time at home is a perfect opportunity to reflect on your goals.. Start by making a list of potential career paths and think about how you are working towards your dreams. Bucket lists are also a reliable document to hold yourself accountable to small or large goals. 

There are various forms of distractions that can make anyone occupied during this pandemic. Setting long-term and short-term goals offers a variety throughout the day, while allowing you to stay occupied in the other opportunities that develop from these goals. As smaller distractions like cooking, working out or learning a new hobby can keep you distracted for a couple minutes to an hour, always remember to keep your eyes on your future. 



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