Fourchella Minecraft Edition

Fourchella Minecraft Edition is scheduled for April 17 and 18.

In response to COVID-19 and recommended social distancing, the Summit Shack will be hosting Fourchella Minecraft Edition in place of the live event that was scheduled to take place this month.

The virtual show will consist of a Minecraft server, Twitch stream and Discord chat with submitted tracks from artists for 15-25 minute sets apiece.

Scheduled for approximately 8 hours on April 17 and 18, fans will be able to log into the Summit Shack’s Twitch stream to listen to tracks artists would typically play at live events. Fans can also log onto the Shack’s Discord and Minecraft server to interact with the artists themselves and other fans.

After getting back into Minecraft in mid-February, the Summit Shack’s Conor Kinkade was inspired by other venues and artists adopting live streaming as an alternative way to bring music to fans amid the novel coronavirus’ impact on social gatherings.

“We wanted to try and do something a little different,” Kinkade said. “Something that this scene hasn’t seen before. Everybody was hankering to keep doing something because we were all really excited for Fourchella and to have all the bands here. So we’re trying to do the festival in a way that encourages interaction with the bands.”

Out of the 44 bands that were set to perform at Fourchella, 40 have responded to Kinkade with plans to still be involved, by both submitting songs and interacting with fans on Discord and Minecraft.

According to Kinkade, at least one member of each band will be present for their set.

Participating artists can submit pre-recorded acoustic or full-band sets or playlists on platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud as well interacting with fans on the various platforms, Kinkade said.

“It’ll be like a fan meet-and-greet. While the set is happening and people are dancing around in Minecraft, you can be asking band members questions about what their plans are for the next year and what their recording process is like,” Kinkade said.

For fans who have already purchased tickets for the originally scheduled Fourchella, the Summit Shack will be offering three options: the ticket can be moved forward to the event’s tentative rescheduling for October, the money spent on the ticket can be donated to the bands scheduled for Fourchella or a refund can be issued on Eventbrite.

“A lot of fans have asked their tickets are moved forward to the rescheduled live event or the funds accrued are still donated to the bands. We’ll be doing giveaways in-stream and still try to pay the bands at least something,” Kinkade said. “Obviously we’re not gonna be able to pay the bands as handily as we were hoping with the actual fest, but we want to at least compensate them somehow.”

As for other planned live events that have been affected by the novel coronavirus, for the rest of the spring and over the summer, they are on temporary hold and the Shack will decide if the events will still be held as the situation develops.

“Depending on how long the quarantine happens, we may do other smaller events via live stream, but our big focus right now is ensuring the Minecraft festival goes well,” Kinkade said.

Through their partnership with Loon Base Studios, videos of performances at the Summit Shack’s events, acoustic sessions and interviews will continue to be posted on their YouTube channel.

“We have content slated for release until June, so we’ll have at least three to five videos coming out every week,” Kinkade said.

Despite COVID-19’s impact forcing cancellations of their live shows, the Summit Shack still plans to support local artists and provide exposure for their music during the nationwide quarantine.

“We didn’t want the coronavirus having an adverse effect on us providing a platform for artists, so we still wanna do what we can in a unique way and continue garnering them more support,” Kinkade said.

Updates on the event can be found on the Summit Shack’s Twitter.

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