Coronavirus Updates

On March 13, President Rogers announced the remainder of the classes for the 2020 spring semester will be held online. While this is not the last semester many seniors had in mind, students are adjusting and seeing the good in this situation. Read more

Celebrating their 25th year, the 24-hour dance marathon Falcon Miracles takes on a new name and form during these unprecedented times. Like many other events on campus, due to the novel coronavirus, the face-to-face event was cancelled. However, that did not stop this group of volunteers fro… Read more

In the jumbled environment of enclosed communication due to the coronavirus, organized sports have taken a back seat. Unable to perform the usual daily habits in the locker room or practice, BGSU hockey is aiming to grow together while remaining isolated. Read more

On March 12, the NCAA announced all winter and spring sport championships were canceled due to concerns over the coronavirus. This decision led to the cancellation of the NCAA Diving Zones, which featured two student-athletes from BGSU. Read more

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One of the sectors listed as essential work during Ohio’s stay at home order are food production and distribution. With the newly gained popularity of food delivery services such as DoorDash, will use of these services increase or be deemed unnecessary? Read more

Not all heroes wear capes. Instead, some wear dress shirts and sweatpants, and are still working hard during the current coronavirus pandemic. Students and teachers are both busy trying to adjust to online education. For many teachers, this is a new way to teach, and for many students, this … Read more

Two weeks in and I’ll admit it, quarantine is starting to drive me crazy. As the days keep going by with not a clear end in sight, it’s understandable if you run out of ways to entertain yourself. Maybe you already read those books, caught up on all your Netflix shows, completed a puzzle and… Read more

While the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed classes to an online format for BGSU, the Starship robots are continuing to deliver food across campus and still need to be loaded and maintained. After what began as a stressful initiation of the robot delivery service, BGSU Dining employees will have … Read more

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Feeling isolated and anxious during this period of social distancing? You’re not alone. This pandemic has caused many people to turn to fiction to help calm their anxieties about the real world changes we’re experiencing. Reading about fictionalized disasters can be a strangely calming exper… Read more