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UPDATE: Not In Our Town, an anti-hate organization in Bowling Green, condemned the attacks, calling them cowardly and unacceptable.

The group praised the police’s investigation in the case and called for more reporting of similar events in the community.

“We call on our network and community to listen to fearful voices – those who are marginalized and vulnerable, to be aware of your surroundings at all times, to actively care for one another and to boldly speak up for our vision of a diverse, inclusive, safe, and supportive community,” NIOT’s leadership committee said in a letter.

La Conexion, a Latino support and cultural group, called for a public meeting following the attack to discuss community responses. The meeting was Sunday in the First Presbyterian Church.

Bowling Green police have arrested two men after a racist attack in the city’s Waffle House.

Jacob Dick, 22, was arrested April 5, and Zachary Keller, 21, was arrested April 6. Both were charged with Ethnic Intimidation and Felonious Assault.

The Bowling Green Police Division said it responded to a call about an assault around 3:26 a.m. Sunday at the Waffle House at 1548 E. Wooster St. Victims and witnesses told officers the two men had called the victims racial slurs before assaulting them.

Police said the victims heard the slurs when they entered the restaurant. After the suspects paid for their meal, they began assaulting the victims.

A BG Independent News report said the victims were both high schoolers from Hancock County and the suspects were from Wood County. It also said the victims said they did not do anything to provoke the attack or the slurs.

The victims received treatment for their injuries from the Bowling Green Fire Division’s EMS crew and Wood County Hospital.

Both suspects are being held at the Wood County Justice Center

None of the suspects or victims in the attack are BGSU students.

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