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Environmental policy and analysis major Madi Stump is a third-year student from Walled Lake, Michigan. Stump’s involvement ranges from being the director of governmental relations in Undergraduate Student Government to her involvement with student leadership groups on campus.

Recently, Stump decided to expand her involvement with a run for Bowling Green City Council.

“I never used to be interested in politics – which is really interesting. My definition of politics has morphed over time – from being Democrats versus Republicans to being a positive outlet for social change,” Stump said.

Although her announcement to run for city council was unexpected among her friends and family, Stump has received nothing but support.

Stump gave credit to Undergraduate Student Government for being the club that paved the way for her run by helping her represent students in different capacities. She said that by running on the city ticket she’ll be able to voice the concerns of both students and citizens of Bowling Green.

Stump said her environmental policy major had also influenced her in her run. She said her major will allow her to connect environmental policy to employment opportunities, economic redevelopment in the city and housing issues.

“One of my big platforms that I’m running on is sustainability and pushing BG to be a leader in sustainability – because we already are but there are so many things we could continue to do. I think that my program of study already aligns so well with my passion that it is easy for me to speak on that issue.”

Madi Stump said she wants to bridge the gap between students and long-term residents. She said that the University is a great asset for the town of Bowling Green, bringing with it a new financial and social environment. Yet, Stump said the students do not always feel that the events in the city match the University’s values.

“Things are going on in the city and the students are not being included in the decision making – it’s something I want to improve,” Stump said.

An example is a meeting on May 20, regarding housing in Bowling Green. She said many students are completely unaware of the details of the meeting.

Stump said her connection to campus will allow her to keep a connection between the city and the university.

“I am representing my constituents (of 1st Ward) because I am one,” she said.

When it comes to policy, Stump said she believes in changes such as a paid holiday for election day. Other cities in Ohio have implemented the policy such as Sandusky. Sandusky changed Columbus Day to Election Day.  

Stump said by replacing the holiday, the work week would remain the same. She said that this will also allow city officials to work the polls – and be getting paid.

Proactive policies such as mandatory bystander intervention for city officials are the basis for Stump’s planned policies.

“I want to stop reacting to situations that happen and looking forward to, and be imaginative, and think what could happen.”

Stump’s love for Bowling Green motivates her the most in her run.

“What do I not love about Bowling Green – it’s a really wonderful place. This place feels like home. It feels like I am at home whether I am on campus or off campus.”

Although Stump is running to be the Democratic candidate in the 1st Ward of Bowling Green, she doesn’t consider herself to be a politician. She said that more than anything, she wants her views to represent her constituents.

Primary elections are May 7 and early voting is open now.


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