Since the shop opened two years ago, Secret Window Art Collective tattoo shop has developed something of a sterling reputation in town. Not only are most of the tattoo artists booked months in advance, but the shop has gained 145 five-star reviews on Facebook. 

Logan Moss — known as Gray — touts only “a couple of little, tiny” problems.

“We had somebody hanging out in the alley like begging for change and got mad because he got told to leave and he left us a three-star review,” he said.

In the two years since Secret Window has been in downtown Bowling Green, the artists have taught tattoo first-timers a thing or two about getting inked. 

According to Gray, a fourth-year tattoo artist and owner of Secret Window, it’s most important to know the tattoo is going to hurt, but it’s going to look good so long as you have researched your artist beforehand. The most important thing, other than to not copy another tattoo artist’s custom design, is to listen to your artist when it comes to aftercare.

“Ask questions before you leave,” Gray said. “Don’t leave and ask your friends what they did. Ask the professional. Don’t go to Google and search what ointments to put on your tattoo. Make sure you follow aftercare instructions, don’t go swimming, keep your animals away from your tattoos.”

Secret Window not only provides a full aftercare sheet for first-time clients but advice for those who may be a little nervous about their first time.

“You should know it’s not going to hurt as bad as you think it is,” Gray said. “Kind of like riding a roller coaster, you’re really nervous at first if you’ve never gotten one before but once you get to the top and go down you’re like, ‘I want to do this again.’”

Gray had “a lot of cool stuff” planned to celebrate the two-year anniversary of Secret Window Art Collective.

Gray enlisted the help of other Ohio tattoo artists to celebrate the occasion. Charlie Thursday from Sacred Crown in Mansfield joined Logan Brahm from Wanderlust in Akron and Dustin Rochowiak from Norwalk. These three artists, along with Hayley Grohowsky, Ryan Bly, Saffron Florea and Isaac Smith, helped give customers “dice roll” tattoos.

“The way that this is formatted is there’s going to be a twelve-sided dice and each artist is going to have twelve designs,” Gray said. “These designs, they’re going to be from $40 to $75. If you spent $40, you have to use the dice to pick the tattoo, but if you spend $75 you get to pick one of the designs that are valued twice to what they normally would be. So, you’re basically getting 50% off your tattoo, or more. It just depends who and what design you pick.”

If you couldn’t front the dice roll price tag, there was a $20 flash sheet available. The designs were celebratory in nature for those who just wanted “a little souvenir” of the event. An online raffle was also included an online raffle. Sharing the Facebook event and commented the number “2” automatically put you down for a chance to win a $200 gift card to Secret Window.

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