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The newest H2O Church staff member’s journey to BGSU was one of humility.

Matt McClure was announced as a campus director and pastor for the church in summer 2019 but said his new employment began over a year previously. 

“I started to have conversations with (Pastor Bryan) Wiles and the pastors and started to see that there was a gap and a need in leadership here that lined up really well with some of the things that I’m most passionate about,” he said.

McClure’s history with H2O drew him to the church. When he was a student at the University of Findlay, McClure connected with H2O. He became head pastor at H2O at Kent State and remained there for 10 years. 

The church’s emphasis on relationships made McClure a clear choice. 

“We are a church that’s really relational, so first and foremost, we felt like him and his family were just a really good fit here relationally,” Wiles said. “We felt like the connection that we had would be really good because for us that’s the first thing we look at. We don’t want to just work together, we want to be friends and be on mission together.” 

McClure’s communication skills, role as a strong mentor and his passion to share the Bible with young people were key for what Wiles wanted for the campus. 

McClure’s new role as campus director and pastor includes getting to know the congregation and campus.

“I still feel like the new guy. At the end of the day, I love being with people; having conversations about the real issues of life, what’s giving us hope, what’s burdening us. A great day for me is a day that’s filled with lots of people, and I come away from that day full of energy,” he said.  

Sophomore software engineering student and intern for H2O, Luke Chenevy, said his experience in getting to know McClure, who leads the intern management meetings and Chenevy’s small group, has been one of guidance.

“He’s very intentional on how he grows, leads and mentors us. He’s an awesome man of God; very conversational,” he said.

McClure said this journey back to H2O was humbling because he went from a place where everyone knew him to a place where he was new.

“I don’t have history with people. There can be a crisis of identity, as a leader, of ‘who am I without followers?’ but God has spared me from that by reminding me that it’s not about me. He will use me the most when I’m humbled and not the center of attention,” he said.

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