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Bowling Green’s mayor honored bicyclists as City Council hosted its last meeting of the BGSU school year.

Mayor Richard Edwards commemorated the city Bicycle Safety Commission for its work encouraging bike use, announced the town’s observance of the National Bike Month this May, and revealed the Bike Spokesman of the Year at Council’s May 6 meeting.

“You move mountains,” Edwards said during his praise of the commission. The group works to make the city more bike-friendly, with recent efforts including inviting safety advisors to recommend changes to street markers and organizing bike safety media campaigns.

Edwards said the town will celebrate National Bike Month through different activities such a Bike to Work and School Day on May 19 and the Ride of Silence quiet ride honoring injured and dead bicyclists on May 15.

Edwards and the Bicycle Safety Commission named resident Allen Frischman the Bike Spokesman of the Year. They said his passion for riding, which has allowed him to circle the globe in equivalent miles, made him the correct choice for the award.

The mayor also used his time to denounce the potential passage of an Ohio House of Representatives bill that he claimed would devalue renewable energy-friendly tax credits and other expenses in exchange for nuclear energy support. Though he is sympathetic of communities reliant on nuclear energy opportunities, he believes this bill will injure Bowling Green’s role as a renewable energy leader in the region.

The city does not want the state “to shut the door on communities like Bowling Green,” Edwards said, adding that his office will send a letter asking for legislative support from Ohio representative Haraz Ghanbari tomorrow.

Mark Hollenbaugh, chair of the Community Improvement Committee, said a plan concerning the possibility of a city-wide plastic bag will be finished and revised soon for Council and City Attorney approval.

“You asked us for a recommendation, and we’re forwarding a recommendation,” Hollenbaugh said about the recommendation process, which included a public hearing about the bag ban idea just prior to the Council meeting. This plan looks to include the creation of a “Sustainability League” for the city.

Madi Stump, a BGSU student and Council candidate for 2019, announced a reusable bag-making event May 7 at Grounds for Thought.

       Municipal Administrator Lori Tretter said that, in light of the recent racist attack at Waffle House, the Bowling Green Police Division will be offering training to business employees to “identify trouble situations” starting June 26.

       Colleen Smith, a lobbying resident, praised city utilities workers for a recent digging job on her property, saying they were efficient and courteous in replanting her yard.

       Utilities Director Brian O’Connell thanked her for the praise, saying, “We are trying to make a positive impact on our residents.”

       Council passed a variety of ordinances at the meeting, as well, including:

-       Adopting a supplement to the city Code of Ordinances.

-       Appropriating funds for various expenditures and other expenses.

-       Authorizing an agreement between the city and the Manchester Group LLC for a utility service line protection program.

-       Accepting a utilities easement from Haskins village.

-       Authorizing O’Connell to apply for an Ohio EPA and Ohio Water Development Authority loan to improve the city’s Water Pollution Control facility.

Council will meet next on May 20 in the city administration building.


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