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From jewelry to keepsakes, local Bowling Green shop For Keeps specializes in giving their customers a variety of gifts to choose from for those who are special to them, themselves and on special occasions. 

For Keeps customers are now able to do more than giving gifts to friends and family, as they can give back to those in need.

Through the week of Monday, Oct. 21 to Sunday, Oct. 27, For Keeps gave customers the option to round up their transaction to the nearest dollar to donate to local Domestic Violence Network and women’s shelter, The Cocoon. With this,  For Keeps will also match the donations made from rounded up transactions to further benefit the Cocoon.

Previously the event was only held for a day, but it has recently been modified to a week. This not only gives customers a larger time frame to donate but in the end, to make a bigger impact. For Keeps owner, Amy Craft, who has run the business for about 22 years, explained how this event hasn’t been their most substantial, but hopes that the final donation amount will increase due to the larger length of time. 

Aside from this week long event, For Keeps does many other things to donate to the women’s shelter.

“The biggest event we have is on Giving Tuesday. For example, we buy a scarf from a company we work with, and then sell it to our customers. The entire amount of money spent will go to the Cocoon. Last year we gave them around $1,200,” said Craft.

The Cocoon strives to be a community leader and a trusted partner in transforming the meaning of voice in Wood County. 

“We are committed to empowering those affected by abuse and driving social change that leads to safety, justice, nonviolence and equity for all people,” said The Cocoon. 

What The Cocoon does for the community speaks to everyone in some way and this doesn’t shy away when it comes to For Keeps.

“We find what the Cocoon does in the community so important and we like to support them in any way that we can.” said Craft. 

Some women come with nothing on their backs besides the clothes they are wearing, they need necessities like shampoo, a hair brush and a toothbrush. Whatever is done for the Cocoon is appreciated by those who receive.

“The Cocoon has been near a dear to my heart because the work they do for women, and we are an all female staff, and I am a female entrepreneur and anything we can do to support women is a great thing,” said Craft.

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