Wild Pie - Photo by Hallie Riley

The Kreischer Sundial location is the first to open. The BTSU Nest location is temporarily closed.

Wild Pie, an original BGSU Dining Brand, officially opened in the Kreischer Sundial on Thursday night and many students were eager to try it.

After there was a violation in the franchise agreement between BGSU Dining and Marco’s Pizza, students were told that the well-known pizza company would soon be replaced by an original BGSU Dining Brand in the spring.

“Marco’s has great products, and I liked having them on campus, but I think the fun part will be what we can do since it’s our own concept,” BGSU Dining Director of Marketing and Communications Jon Zachrich said.

For example, Wild Pie has collaborated with The Killer Brownie Company to add a new dessert option onto the menus.

“We’re starting with two of the brownies. We can also kind of rotate in maybe a new flavor depending on the season. So even though we’re kinda leaving the holiday season . . . I know one of the big ones they have is a peppermint ganache brownie,” Zachrich said.

While several students were huge fans of Marco’s cinnasquares, he believes that the brownie addition will become just as popular.

In addition to the new menu item, Zachrich and his team have explored the idea of selling brownies with milk in the future as well.

Zachrich also noted that another feature of having an original brand is having the opportunity to tailor the food toward the students.

“We have a lot more flexibility with our menu, we can really get creative. So then we can try things, see what students like,” he said.

Before classes ended last fall, BGSU Dining set up a few taste testings and surveys to get students’ first impressions of the food.

“It’s really weird because . . .  the thing we heard a lot of was that it’s just so different than Marco’s. . . but still we got really good marks when it comes down to how it tastes . . . the wings and the boneless wings got good marks to those surveys . . . but it’s just so different like comparing apples and oranges," said Zacharich.

Wild Pie will be closed at the Falcon’s Nest until Jan. 14, when it will be open seven days a week from 5 p.m. to midnight, until Jan. 24. The Kreischer Sundial location is temporarily closed until Jan. 25.

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