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As students and faculty are still getting acclimated to remote and online learning, universities across the country have been modifying their grading policies to ensure academic success. 

On Sept. 17, the College of Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University passed a resolution to allow for pass/no pass options for fall semester. 

On Oct. 4, the Harvard Undergraduate Council called for the university to extend deadlines for students wanting to add or drop courses, or change their grade to pass/fail. 

Similar to other schools, BGSU’s Undergraduate Student Government has collaborated with the Graduate Student Senate to present a flexible grading proposal. This proposal was approved by President Rodney Rogers and Provost Joe Whitehead for the fall 2020 semester.

“The uncertainty that lies ahead with COVID-19 should not play as a factor in our final grades, so by allowing this option for all students, we are helping promote a healthy, and reactive, learning environment,” USG President Harrison Carter stated via email. 

The resolution highlights listed below were presented to the Faculty Senate general assembly on Oct. 6:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students will have until Nov. 18, 2020, to change the grading option for standard graded courses.

  • All standard graded courses can be switched to the S/U grading option, regardless of catalog designation.

  • For undergraduate students: any grades changed to S/U during fall 2020 will not count toward the 16-credit maximum allowed by that policy. 

  • For graduate students: students receiving a C or better will receive an S. 

Faculty Senate grading change resolution

“The temporary modifications to the grade scale, for both graduate and undergraduate students, is just as necessary this semester as it was during the Spring 2020 semester. Not every student this Fall is on the same academic playing field, and this is something USG has recognized,” Carter wrote.

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