Tech Giants 10/15

The College of Business is hosting tech giants this semester as part of the Business Career Accelerator Fall 2019 Student Workshops. Each workshop includes information and advice on how students can improve their skills for their careers. 

The College of Business matched the companies on their specialties. The Facebook event on Oct. 24 focuses on social media and how it relates to college students and their careers. This event was to include a representative on campus. Since Facebook is an online company, they have changed their role and are presenting live from California. 

The College of Business’ Apple event on Nov. 25, focuses on in-person and video interviews with a representative from Apple making an appearance on campus. 

Google also has a representative making an appearance on campus on Dec. 23 with the topic of job offer negotiations. 

Associate Director of the College of Business Tom Siebenaler said workshops are distributed on different dates and times. 

“The College of Business placed the events during the time of normal classes throughout the day. Each event is roughly an hour long in length,” Siebenaler said. “We wanted every student to have an equal chance of attending a workshop.”

Siebenaler said the idea to host the tech giants started around four years ago when the College of Business was in contact with alumni. 

“I would get on LinkedIn and talk to students and often times, they ask how they can give back to the program,” Siebenaler said. 

Communication with alumni opened the idea to get the companies to present at BGSU. The idea to show students working at Google, Apple, Facebook and other tech giants can be obtainable, Siebenaler said. 

Reception to the workshops has succeeded expectations Siebenaler said, with a range of 30 to 40 students in attendance. 

In the future, the College of Business plans to invite more companies. 

Siebenaler said they are looking into expanding the companies they invite to BGSU with names such as Microsoft and newer companies like Tesla. 

“It is all about the student. We want to give students in the College of Business opportunities to network and succeed after graduating,” Siebenaler said. 

The College of Business’ full schedule of student workshops can be found on the Business Career Accelerator website. 


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