Coronavirus 3/11

At a press conference on Wednesday, President Rodney Rogers explains BGSU's COVID-19 preparedness plan and how students will be affected. 

President Rodney Rogers addressed questions on the university’s COVID-19 response in a Wednesday afternoon press conference, saying the situation is “rapidly evolving.” 

As of today, the university has maintained its current COVID-19 response plan, including a pause on all in-person classes from March 23 to April 6. Dorms will remain open, and internships, co-ops and student-teaching opportunities will continue. 

“First and foremost is our commitment to ensure we have a healthy community,” Rogers said.

Later today the university will release a more detailed response on how student employees will be affected during the two-week hiatus from classes, Rogers said.  

“Things will probably change. Certain things (decisions) that we made today might not be the best decision once we have more information,” Rogers said.

Rogers explained the university is ensuring students enrolled in their final semester are in a position to complete their degree. The university also wants to ensure students who haven't completed their degree can finish on time.

The university is working with health authorities such as the Wood County Health Department, the Erie County Board of Health and all the way up to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The two weeks of web-based classes complies with the CDC’s COVID-19 exposure window. While students will still be on campus during this time, Rogers emphasized the implementation of increased health and safety measures in dining halls and on-campus restaurants. 

Safety measures, including but not limited to frequently disinfecting surfaces and banning reusable cups at Dunkin’ and Starbucks, come with a slight cost. Rogers didn’t denote a specific expense for the university’s COVID-19 response. 

“This cost is minuscule compared to the importance of making sure we have a healthy and safe community,” Rogers said.

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