Mini Marathon

Ziggython may still be a few weeks away, but Sunday afternoon the Dance Marathon atmosphere was alive in the Union.

Mini Marathon started at 11 a.m. and at noon the event was going full force. The music was flowing throughout the second floor of the Union, kids were running up and down the inflatables, people were playing video games and even more people were dancing.

The only break from the games came when the miracle families came up to the podium and told their stories.

For Erin Cassin, who is the co-high school engagement chair, hearing those stories is what makes it all seem real.

“If we didn’t have that it would be hard to wrap your mind around why you are there,” she said. “It would almost be ‘Why am I getting involved?’ Then when you hear what they have to say it just really puts things into perspective.”

Renee Erskine, spoke on her daughter who was standing right next to her. Her daughter, Regan, is diagnosed with Carnitine deficiency, auto-immune deficiency and ulcerative colitis. All three have their challenges, but this event helps fund the hospital for things like movies, games and other things to distract the kids during treatment.

“Just the simple dollars that the kids are bringing in can pay for a movie, but it takes the mind off of it for a child,” Renee said.

As the Union Ballroom filled with college volunteers, and miracle children, Mini Marathon was a focus on the high school students. This year Norwalk High School hosted their own Mini Marathon and Lima Senior High School will host one later this year.

That is where the future of Dance Marathon’s Mini Marathon looks to be going also, as chair Sarah Sanchez announced that this could potentially be the University’s last time hosting Mini Marathon.

Mini Marathon’s unoffical total amount raised was $6,721.02. That amount does not include how much was raised at Norwalk or what will be raised at Lima Senior.

While the amount of money raised is important, it wasn’t a focus for the group this year.

“We were deadset on ‘let’s make the total bigger and better than last year, but then we got passed that,” Cassin said. “We realized that money is now what is importance. It’s why we are raising it that is important.”

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