spring break savings

Students can still enjoy their spring break without spending lots of money.

Students go all over the world during spring break, often for a mental break from the stress of school, but the cost of going somewhere may limit what a student can do. Here are how some students are spending their spring breaks and how they are saving money in the process.

Freshman intervention specialist major Sophia DeBord said, “I am going to Nashville to see my best friend. I’ll be staying with her one night and the other two, I’ll be staying with my parents.” By staying with her parents and best friend, DeBord is avoiding the added cost of hotel rooms.

DeBord is not the only one. Many students also decide to spend their spring breaks rejuvenating amid their families, thereby forgoing the cost of staying in a hotel.  

Freshmen Aviation major Darius Hahn said, “I am flying to Los Angeles to visit my aunt and cousin.”

Sophomore spanish education major Kyrsten Nagypaul said, “I am going to Florida to visit family.”

Nagypaul isn’t the only one headed to the warmth of Florida this spring break. Florida is a popular place to spend spring break, with some of the hot spots being St. Petersburg, Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Miami, Naples, Fort Lauderdale and Siesta Key. However, if students aren’t looking for ways to save money while being in Florida (and other popular vacation spots), the cost can quickly add up.

A couple ways to save money while in Florida and other popular vacation spots are packing food to carry while out on the town, staying in a hotel with a few other people to split the cost and renting a bike if transportation is necessary.

Packing food to carry while out on the town makes it unnecessary to buy pricey food from street vendors, thereby limiting the amount of money spent on food.

Staying in a hotel with a few friends splits the cost of the hotel, making it so each person doesn’t need to pay as much. Moreover, rooming with a few friends adds to the safety and security of each person in the room, leading to fewer concerns about the trip.

Renting a bike (or bringing them if possible) takes away the price of paying for transportation. By not using any sort of paid transportation and riding bikes, money can be saved or spent on more important items.

Moreover, not only can money be saved while visiting the tourist spots in the destination, it can be saved in actually getting to each spring break destination.

Although she isn’t traveling to Florida, freshman social work major Courtney Foerg is saving money on flights by driving to her destinations instead.

“I’ll be driving up to see my grandparents in Rochester, New York and then be driving down to see my friend at Ohio University,” Foerg said.

Deciding to drive to any location is almost always cheaper than flying, even if the travel time is longer than flight times.

No matter how a student decides to spend their spring break, there are many ways to save money on spring break plans, such as driving, staying with family, rooming with other people, packing food and renting or bringing bikes.

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