Navigating BGSU 8/21

For those coming to campus for the first time, finding your way around might seem easier said than done. 

A nearly 1,400-acre campus, sprawling with learning facilities, dining halls, dorms, recreation, athletic fields and more, BGSU can seem intimidating going class-to-class and beyond. While adjusting to the new environment, new students can become lost and late to classes as a result.

These BGSU sophomores, who experienced this predicament last year, offer their own words of advice to navigating campus.

Indy Cross, medical laboratory science major

Cross recommended seeking directions from peers in the instance they are lost. She also suggested trying different modes of transportation to get around campus.

“Once you get the hang of walking, then use the shuttles,” she said.

Kaitlyn Biada, undecided major

Biada recommended memorizing the area around your residence hall and using the map on the BGSU app. 

“Also, don’t be afraid to stop and ask people for directions,” she added.

Students should also pay attention to specific features of campus to memorize for future reference, Biada said.

“When it comes to actually navigating the land, spend time walking and observing. Look for special landmarks you can use, such as pieces of artwork, sculptures, or interesting characteristics of buildings,” she said. “Also keep a lookout for signs as they will state the name of the building, and talk to upperclassmen about location(s) or the terms for places (on) campus.”

Biada found difficulty navigating her first-year residence hall, Kreischer Quadrangle, that has the highest occupancy of any on-campus housing, according to the Office of Residence Life. She utilizes locations around the hall as reference to where she is.

“The building is shaped like a spider with four wings and a total of eight branches,” she said. “Batchelder and Compton are on the ‘campus side’ (whereas) Ashley and Darrow are on the ‘field side’. Ash and Batch are connected together (whereas) Compton and Darrow are connected together. Ash and Batch are close to the Wolfe Center (whereas) Compton and Darrow are closer to the football stadium.”

Andrew Lehman, nursing major

Like Biada, Lehman suggested memorizing routes around campus.

“Remember the names of buildings you have to pass on your way to your destination,” he said.

Emily Manner, environmental science major

Manner recalled asking her Opening Weekend Group Leader to point out what buildings her classes were in during tours of campus.

“Then my roommate and I walked to each building from our dorm the weekend before classes. It was a lot of walking back and forth but it helped a ton,” she said.

Caitlin McPherson, media production major

McPherson found exploration essential to learning the layout of BGSU.

“When class is going on during the day, all the buildings are unlocked. Take a look around some,” she said. “The science buildings often have cool stuff in the hallways.”

To better navigate campus, she also suggested getting involved within the residence halls.

“If you live in the dorms, talk to people. Go to the events put on by hall council. Hang out in the lounge and see what happens,” she said. “The people around you are your neighbors for the next nine months; get to know them.”

Other Navigational Help

For additional assistance, students can utilize BGSU’s interactive online map, which features information on campus facilities, categorized by type of service, as well as panoramas, construction zones and on-campus transit routes.

This map is accessible on the BGSU app available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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