Advice from Seniors 8/21

Overcoming the fear of starting at a new school can be one of the most difficult experiences. Many freshmen have the same fears: How do I make friends? How do I know where I’m going? Who do I ask for help? Is it going to be too much for me? 

Even though the admissions process should have given all freshmen the confidence they need to succeed at college, the anxiety is there nonetheless. 

Collected here are pieces of advice from some rising seniors who have gone through all the anxieties and troubles of a freshman and made it to their last year at BGSU.


Owen Cappellini, senior visual communications technology major

“You just never know. Even if you think you have your entire college career mapped out, I guarantee you will be surprised with opportunities you didn’t know about, or you may find things you enjoy more than you previously thought.

“What you are doing right now is likely not what you will be doing in two years, or even a year. Things change quickly, and you need to embrace the change.

“If you are struggling as a freshman, remember two things: no one cares about what you are doing because people are so focused on themselves, and do what you really enjoy and don't let social stigmas and what other people think of you bring you down.” 


Mia Herd, senior biology major

“Best thing I learned from freshman year was to be more outgoing and introduce myself to the people I was around in class and in the dorm. Because otherwise it’s too hard to make friends.

“If you're struggling, change what you’re doing. Take a risk. 

"Wish someone would have told me that there was an Outtakes in Offenhaur that was open really late.”


Jillian Riley, senior film production major

“Try and get into clubs related to your major, make friends there and try to network. It will be really helpful to know people in your major later down the line.

“Make at least one friend in each of your classes. Having a buddy makes things go by so much faster, and you can always have someone to have your back with notes and assignments when and if you miss class.

“My first advice to struggling freshmen would be to ask peers in your class for help, then your professors. There’s also the Learning Commons, which can be really helpful for papers!”


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