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Juggling college coursework alongside a relationship can be difficult, especially when romantic emotions start to fade. Breaking up with somebody is never an easy feat. Not everyone knows how to do so with complete respect of the other person while still staying true to their own feelings. 

“The hardest part is feeling as if time is wasted, like you’re just somewhere you shouldn’t be anymore. It’s time to end it when you no longer enjoy the company of the other person,” Ethan Reed, a junior physics major, said.

Giving or receiving bad news can be equally as difficult of a process. If one or both partners are unhappy, however, the end is inevitable; it is necessary to be upfront with the other person if you want the intentions to be clear. The more the reasons are sugar coated or the conversation is put off, the more likely that the wrong signals will be sent. 

“I would put it off because they were having a good day and I didn’t want to ruin it, or I would put it off because they were having a bad day and I didn’t want to make it worse. It never really felt like a good time,” Kiarra Reynolds, a sophomore digital arts major, said.

It isn’t uncommon to be afraid of bad timing. When it comes to finding a way to approach the other person, how do you decide when the “right time” really is?

When one person decides they no longer want the relationship to continue, there is no benefit to waiting. The longer it has only one-sided affection, the longer restless or frustrated emotions could fester. While there is not a definitive moment to leave, the sooner it is, the healthier it will be for both parties involved.

“I believe sitting down and talking it through calmly and in-person works best. Be 100% honest and respectful about their feelings,” Reynolds said.

Reed agreed that honesty is important when keeping the breakup respectful.

“You end a relationship respectfully by just explaining how you feel, without placing blame or trying to soften a blow; just be honest,” Reed said. 

Overall, the key to a healthy breakup is open communication and honesty, and putting off the breakup can cause emotional harm to yourself and your partner. If you no longer get a sense of fulfillment from your relationship, it might be time to have the conversation. 


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