Dining Services is planning to completely renovate Falcon's Nest, but the changes won't happen until summer 2012.

The University opened two newly designed dining halls-Oaks Dining Center and Carillon Place Dining-this fall.

Despite these additions, too much traffic remains at Falcon's Nest, Dining Services representatives said.

Assistant Director of Facilities and Planning, David Maley, said he met with a designer Tuesday to discuss a possible revamping.

"He is going to do a couple of proposals-one limited and one more extensive for the University to review," Maley said.

Director of Dining Services Michael Paulus also met with the designer to discuss the possible changes.

"It's very difficult to queue approximately 20,000 students who love to eat lunch at the same time," Paulus said.

Traffic problems initiated early renovations of Falcon's Nest in 2003. Those changes included bringing in national brands such as Steak Escape and Jamba Juice.

After adding these attractions, students overflowed the Nest, Maley said.

As a response, Dining Services implemented exclusive flex funds-a limited portion of meal plan only used at the Union-to disperse traffic to residential dining halls.

It helped, but the problem wasn't fixed, Maley said.

"Falcon's Nest was still congested, small and inefficient," he said.

Maley said it was considered a beautiful facility.

But after two days of people stumbling over one other, he said he knew it ultimately would fail.

"I like to joke it was designed for looks, not function," Maley said.

Eight years after the change, Paulus agrees the layout must be revisited.

"It wasn't designed for current trends," Paulus said. "It's set up like a cave and it diminishes customer service. It's time to make sense of the [lackluster] customer experience."

Falcon's Nest cashier Marge Stewart said she might have a solution.

"I think the best idea would be to move Steak Escape to where Wendy's is now," Stewart said. "Steak Escape has the most customers. That would really open the bottleneck."

Wendy's contract with the University terminates at the end of this academic year, according to Dining Services representatives.

Paulus said he plans to open a dialogue with students before any construction begins in the Union.

He said he is always exploring alternate options and brands for the students.

"Student feedback is a must," Paulus said. "It doesn't do me any good to put something in that students don't like."

Paulus said huge projects will not hit the Union during the academic year to prevent more construction on campus.

"An operation like this can only be done during the summer," Paulus said. "At best, it would take three and a half or four months."

Though a project like this could seem daunting, Maley said the reconstruction would be in good hands.

"Chartwells-the company who owns us-is a doer," Maley said. "When working with a corporation that's a true business [instead of the state] they'll be efficient and fast. They'll look at all aspects. Trust me, they want you to like it."

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