Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon’s meeting Wednesday night was full of excited students ready to get another event underway and to find out the theme for this year.

Dance Marathon participants are known for making miracles happen and making little kids happy for a whole 32 hours in the city of Bowling Green.

“We take a whiteboard and just write down everything that we think,” said director of Dance Marathon John Day. “It’s a lot of writing down ideas and picking whichever one sticks out to us.”

The theme the steering committee has chosen for this year is Miracles in the City.

“I think this theme is great, I love it,” said sophomore Ashley Materise. “Dance Marathon has already done so many great things this year that the theme is only going to let it keep expanding.”

The theme ideas are pitched by 21 students on the steering committee. While the ideas are put into a box by those students, the ideas may still come from other people like family and friends.

“It has probably been the ten weeks of school where we have been slowly chipping away ideas,” said sophomore Drew Small. “Within the last couple weeks, we narrowed it down and then it is finally revealed tonight.”

Last year’s theme was Superhereos and Marvel but Day believes that this theme can be better than the one last year.

“I think this will rival Superheroes, if not top it,” Day said. “I think when the students see it put together and see it, that’s when they will actually get really excited about it.”

Also in the meeting they announced their benchmark goal for dancers and how much money they want to raise this year. Last year their goal was 300 dancers. For this year, they raised it up to 500 dancers.

“We can use this theme and say the city is not busy unless there are city people to recruit dancers,” Day said.

The amount of money they announced they wanted to raise is $500 thousand compared to the $300 thousand they raised last year. Day said with this mark, it is more of a challenge to see what this campus can accomplish.

“I think the $500K mark is so reasonable,” Materise said. “It is definitely a [reachable] goal and they can do anything as long as they put effort into it.”

The theme is out, but the real work has not even started for volunteers.

“It’s like holding a big secret,” Day said. “It feels great to say I have been holding this in for about a month now and now everyone can get excited about something I am also excited about.”

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