BG Renter's Survey Handout - Photo by Hunter Huffman

Leontis passed out this handout with information and a link to the survey. It urges, "BG City Council wants to hear from you!"

Neocles Leontis, a chemistry professor and member of Bowling Green City Council, introduced the “BG Renter’s Survey” to the Undergraduate Student Government on Monday.


The survey allows tenants in the city to report issues in their rental, such as a need for repairs, unsafe structures, problems with security deposits, rent pricing and more.

“If you look at one of those old houses … that someone converted into five apartments, they don’t get inspected anywhere because the whole thing is off-limits according to our current law, but we can change that,” Leontis said. “Oxford, Kent, Cleveland — a lot of college towns have (inspection programs), but we’re one of the few that just does not have anything.”

He handed out a written statement from a Bowling Green resident who recounted unsafe conditions and expensive bills at four different leases he had while living in the city. Leontis said he will need communication from tenants to recognize rental conflicts. 

“We want to post everything online, so if you move in, and the landlord says ‘everything is alright,’ and you look around and it’s not, you can make a complaint, and we (can make) a physical inspection,” he said.

Rental inspections have been a recent topic of Bowling Green's community improvement committee. The group will be meeting this Thursday at 5 p.m. at the City Administrative Services building on 304 N. Church St.


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