The University’s course evaluations could see changes next fall, as Faculty Senate and the Academic Affairs office have worked together to review and revise previous evaluation questions. The committee finalized six questions to be asked and is now in a pilot phase for the evaluations.

The updated questions will be ready in the fall and will appear prior to college and department evaluation questions for courses. They aim to add consistency across the University, and those colleges and departments who choose to add the questions to their evaluations can do so at their discretion.

“The idea was always that the departments and colleges could add their own questions, because questions and course evaluations are used for different purposes,” Julia Matuga, vice provost for Institutional Effectiveness and a committee member for the University-wide Evaluation of Teaching and Learning, said.

Some of the revised questions for the evaluations ask if the course objectives and outcomes are clear and if the instructor provides helpful feedback throughout the semester, encourages student participation and creates an environment of respect.

Matuga stressed the importance of evaluating something every time it is used and said that, by reviewing the evaluations and updating them as necessary, students will help get an idea of what the University views as important.

“It lets us convey to students consistently what we view as important as an institution,” she said.

The updated evaluations will still be hosted through the EvaluationKIT system, which is integrated with Canvas to make the evaluations easier to access. Various colleges and departments are taking part in the pilot phase this spring, and the questions will be ready for all colleges and departments to use in the Fall 2018 semester, should they choose to utilize them.

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