Allie Godfrey discovered her love of cooking and sharing food with her family and decided to share that love with her Falcon family at BGSU through an internship with the Teaching Kitchen.

“For me, it actually started because I was living with my parents over the summer, and it seemed like every meal was chicken and broccoli. I kind of got sick of that, so I was just always looking on YouTube, looking at Pinterest for new recipes, and I was always trying new things,” Godfrey said. “It was a way my parents and I bonded. We would go to the grocery store to pick up foods, and then we would come home and make meals together.”

Godfrey started attending the Teaching Kitchen because she thought it was the “coolest thing ever.”

“I basically started going to every single class that they offered, and then from there, the chefs started getting to know me, Chef Marissa specifically,” Godfrey said.

It was because of her consistent attendance at the Teaching Kitchen that Godfrey was offered an internship.

“One day I was at one of the events, and Marissa had addressed me by my first name. Someone asked if I had worked there, and I was like, ‘No, I just come here a lot.’ Then Chef Marissa was like, ‘Do you want a job here?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, obviously,’ so that’s how my job started. It just kind of happened because I really enjoyed what I was doing,” Godfrey recalled.

For her internship in the Teaching Kitchen, Godfrey was responsible for setting up classes, preparations for ingredients and stations, assisting people during classes and cleaning up at the end.

However, Godfrey likes the Teaching Kitchen for more than just having the opportunity to cook and share food with others.

“Some of the best parts were just getting to talk and hang out with all the chefs. They are all really cool, and they come from different backgrounds. They have a lot of knowledge to share, and I feel like that’s where I actually learned the most about being an intern, by getting to know the chefs on a personal level,” Godfrey said.

Godfrey recommends everyone should attend at least one Teaching Kitchen event while they are at BGSU.

“At the end, everyone comes together and enjoys their meal together, something I think people today kind of stray from,” Godfrey said.

Overall, Godfrey was able to use the Teaching Kitchen to spread her love of food with others.

“Food brings people together, and I think it’s really awesome to help bring people together and enjoy the time together,” Godfrey said.




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