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The most important part of any concert is enjoying the show.

As an avid concert goer, I would like to think I have nailed down the concert preparation process. While figuring this process out, I have come up with some advice to help it go smoothly. Here are five tips for preparing to go to your next concert. 

Buy your ticket

When buying your ticket, I recommend looking for the best possible price, especially for bigger shows that tend to have more expensive tickets. Check every website like Ticketmaster, Live Nation and Seat Geek to gather all your options within your price range. Buy tickets sooner rather than later to avoid increased ticket prices or a sold-out show. For smaller, general admissions shows, which are the ones I prefer to attend, I use the Bandsintown app to purchase my tickets. This usually has me go through the band or artists direct website to purchase my tickets. Another important option to consider is how you want to obtain your tickets: getting them through the mail, printing them out yourself or having them available on your phone. This can all play a factor into price.

Find a group

Deciding who you would like to go to a concert with can be easy or difficult. Many times this happens before you even buy your tickets. I recommend figuring out a group before you buy tickets to shows that require you buying an actual seat, that way you can buy the exact number of seats you need together. A reliable group is key; you do not want someone backing out at the last minute and you are stuck with an extra ticket. If you are buying general admission tickets, everyone in your group can buy them on their own time. I recommend that everyone you go with has some knowledge of who the artist is that is playing. It makes the show more enjoyable if everyone with you is enjoying themselves. Also, do not be afraid to go alone. I have gone to shows alone and had an amazing experience.

Decide what to wear

What I have learned over the years is comfort is key in deciding what to wear to shows. It is important to take into consideration standing, dancing, walking, temperature of the venue and weather. Venues tend to be on the warmer side, so shorter sleeves are your best friend. My go to is a graphic T-shirt or band T-shirt with a flannel over top to give some warmth if necessary, but can also be tied around my waist. As far as pants go, jeans or shorts depending on the time of year and weather. Shoes can make or break your experience. Make sure your shoes fit properly and give good support. Concerts are not the time to break out your brand new stiletto heels. My go to options are tennis shoes, Converse or Vans.

Look up the opening acts

I think this is something that people do not think about very often. People often decide to go to the concerts based on who is headlining and do not even know who is opening for them. Before every concert I attend, I listen to at least a few songs by each opening act, that way I have some basic knowledge of who is performing. However, a few times I have fallen in love with the acts that are opening up and they have become some of my favorite bands. I have even gone to a concert just because one of those bands was an opening act for another tour. This is a tip I tell everyone before they go to a concert. Find out if there is an opening act and listen to two or three songs by them. Instead of looking at your phone during their performance, you can sing a long a bit. Who knows, you may find your new favorite artist.

Get a schedule together

When the day of the concert arrives, having some sort of schedule can help avoid several problems. Communication with everyone in your group about how early you want to get to the venue. Where do you want to park? Who is driving? Are you getting dinner before? If you are going to a concert at an arena where you have set seats, arriving around the time the doors open is fine. However, if the concert is general admission, when you get in line can decide where you stand. If you do not care how close to the stage you are, you can get to the venue as soon as doors open or after. However, if you want close spots, getting in line early can be key. I have arrived at venues close to when doors open and waited in line for five to six hours outside a venue to get spots almost right against the stage.

These are only a few tips and are my recommendations. What is important is that you enjoy the show. Go to the concert, sing your heart out and have the best time.

Alicia’s top 10 concerts

1. Palaye Royale - Beachland Ballroom, November 2018

2. Warped Tour - Blossom Music Center, July 2018

3. Sleeping with Sirens - Masonic Auditorium, November 2016 

4. Waterparks and Too Close To Touch -  Mahall’s, February 2017

5. Niall Horan - Blossom Music Festival, August 2018

6. Panic! At The Disco - Wolstein Center, March 2017

7. One Direction - First Energy Stadium, August 2015

8. Sleeping with Sirens - September 2018

9. KAABOO Del Mar Music Festival - San Diego, September 2019

10. 5 Seconds of Summer - Hersheypark Stadium, July 2016

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