Greenbriar properties become available for 2021-2022 Monday. Students are waiting outside Greenbriar all Sunday night to be the first to secure housing. Some will wait almost 20 hours.

For college students, having your own apartment is a high priority. It’s so important, some are sitting in line for almost a full day in order to get their ideal place. 


Greenbriar Rental Management is one of the largest real estate companies in Bowling Green. Starting Monday, Nov. 9, leases for the 2021-22 season are available to the general public. That is why groups of students are sitting outside the company’s offices in lawn chairs with blankets and pillows Sunday night and into the morning.


“Well, I don’t know any of these people in line right now, so they could be looking at the same place I’m looking at. So I’d rather be really safe than sorry, like, it’s kind of important to have some place to live next year,” Bowling Green State University freshman Rory Farmer said.


While in line, people eat, listen to music, and even get work done while waiting in what looks like a line for Black Friday. 


“I’m going to be here until, at minimum, 9 a.m. when they open tomorrow morning, but more than likely, with everyone in front of us still, having about eight groups in front of us, we’ll be here another hour and a half, two hours, so we’ll be here until 10:30, 11,” BGSU senior Garrett Chandler said.


When asked about the prospect of sitting in line for 20 hours, Chandler was well aware.


“Yes, unfortunately.”


Both feel it is all worth it when they can finally pick up the keys to their house or apartment in 10 months.


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